About us


Our Story
Sinuous Sisters is a Berlin-based boutique fashion label founded in 2018 by architect and designer, Agnieszka Szuran. Our brand ethos lies in the fusion of avant-garde flair with effortless simplicity, where classic elegance intertwines seamlessly with contemporary edginess. We cater to the discerning woman who exudes confidence, embraces boldness, and seeks to express her unique individuality through fashion.

Our Philosophy
At Sinuous Sisters, our philosophy revolves around empowering women to celebrate their femininity and personality through our designs. We transcend conventional fashion by crafting unparalleled, exclusive designs that elude mainstream offerings. Merging chic sophistication with graceful simplicity and a dedication to geometric minimalism, we continuously shape a dynamic portrayal of contemporary femininity – an epitome of poised strength and refined sensuality, found nowhere else.

Our Passion
Driven by passion and precision, we take pride in crafting timeless, impeccably executed pieces using only the finest materials and utmost attention to detail. From exquisite lingerie to sophisticated ready-to-wear ensembles, each collection reflects our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we prioritize eco-friendly practices at every stage of production. We consciously select organic fabrics such as lace and leather, and our production facilities in Europe adhere to stringent environmental and labor standards. Additionally, we offer made-to-measure options, reducing waste and promoting a personalized approach to fashion.

Our Pieces
We balance function with fashion, offering women comfortable, versatile clothing suitable for any occasion. Our focus is on creating eco-friendly pieces that seamlessly complement your existing wardrobe and empower you to curate an enduring capsule collection.

Our Mission
Through our designs, we aim to empower every woman, creating a world where they own their femininity and proudly declare: